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company hIstory
Villa Mauritius are a new company that are in the corporate hospitality sector. The company has several Villa's in the heart of the Paradise Island of Mauritius.

client brief
Villa Mauritius wanted a website that would allow them to promote their Villa's to the UK Public.

VM wanted us to create a website that was aesthetically well designed, easy to navigate and one that allowed customers to book online.

In addition, the company was looking for a complete branding solution which also included offline print.

In addition, in order for the website to keep visitors interested in upcoming events, we adopted a newsletter system where the company can carry out e-marketing at a click of a button.

the website


print stationary

Below is a sample of print stationary that we designed for Villa Mauritius. The client wanted a very subtle look that also gave the look of quality & professionalism.


website features

  • Emall Newsletter subscription facility
  • Aesthetically Designed
  • Easy to navigate
  • Users can contact the company through an online form
  • Designed to accommodate for upgrades and e-commerce facilities.
  • Hosted on Windows 2003 state of the art servers

technology used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Active Server Pages


"...We wanted to create a website that didn't take forever to load but still which was nice to look at.

As a new business we had to be very careful on where we spent our budget ...I can safely say that the website has been a fantastic investment and we are very happy...on the day the website was launched we had 2 bookings so I was delighted.."

Mr. Seyad. Bhoonee - Director

future plans

The company has commissioned Net-TECH Solutions to carry out all it's marketing and promotional work including leaflets, flyers, posters and brochures.

In addition we are also working on the company's e-Marketing strategy in order to help the company achieve it's online objectives.


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